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East Cowes Umbrella Tree

At the last meeting of the Town Council it was agreed that the Council would commission a PiCUS tomograph investigation to be undertaken by an independent tree specialist. That investigation will be taking place on Friday 7th September.

Members of the public are welcome to watch the proceedings, but we would respectfully request that you do not ask the arboriculturist undertaking the Picus tomograph questions; as this could delay and interfere with the investigation. Please refer any questions you may have to the Town Clerk or the Facilities Officer who can be contacted in the Town Hall.

The resultant report will be made public.

What is a Picus Sonic Tomograph?

The Picus Sonic Tomograph is the most recent and up to date (as at April 2004) instrument made available to arboriculturists, under the heading of ‘decay investigation devices’. It is an excellent aid to mapping internal decay patterns within a tree and enhancing the arboriculturist’s knowledge, thereby supporting a management recommendation and making it a better informed and more reliable process.


Results from the PiCUS tomograph investigation can be found here.