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Floating Bridge


From Friday 28 July to Friday 4 August, the floating bridge will operate daily from 5am (from Cowes) until 1.50am the following morning on a constant basis. There will be extra crossings at 20 minute intervals from each side of the River Medina each night, with the final sailing from Cowes 3.10am.

As usual, on firework night (Friday 4 August) the floating bridge will also operate as a foot passenger only service between 6 and 11pm. Due to the high levels of demand on firework night, we would advise that people purchase their tickets to travel on the floating bridge in advance to ensure the smooth sailing of the bridge at peak travel time between 6 and 11pm.

A return foot passenger trip is £1.50 or, if using a Saver Card, this is reduced to £1 (Saver Cards must be purchased in advance and cost £2, but can then be kept and topped up for future use).  (source iwight.com)

IWC have set up an email address specifically for queries/comments on the floating bridge to be publicised so that local residents can send in information/comments or queries if they wish.  The correspondence in the account will be monitored and will be used to inform the review process(es) and questions to be asked, and will also be used to update the FAQ’s which will be published.
The email address is:


The link to the web page which is to be used to publish FAQs (including those sent to the above email), and documentation relating to specifications 'etc' is as below: